Pr-nedd and Testament

Many people want to arrange their funeral and wish to hold a Lifetime Memorial with a Memorial Diamond. Sign the will and make sure your family knows what you want.

Recommendation: Put your signed willful declaration next to your documents – such as a birth certificate and let your family know where to find them. These are the first documents your funeral director will need in the event of your death. Including funeral wishes in your will is not enough, as will opening usually takes place a few weeks after the funeral.

Plan a Diamond Memorial & Price Guarantee:

Pre-Need allows easy and simple pre-planning with a price guarantee. With this Pre-Necessary Warranty, you have the right to have one or more Memorial Diamonds created from your cremation for beneficiaries after your death. Your beneficiary gains profits by providing financial assistance or even relief.

PG 100

At the end of the contract, you pay the total amount on the surety account managed by your trustee.

The price is consistent with the contract price when signing. After your pass, we will produce the diamond (s) according to your specified wishes in accordance with the signed contract.

Beneficiary will receive the commemorative diamond (s) at no additional charge.

PG 50

At the end of the contract, you complete a prepayment of 50 percent of the total amount.

The price is consistent with the contract price when signing. After your death, we will produce the diamond (s) according to your specified wishes under the signed contract. The rest will be assimilated to inflation based on the Swiss Consumer Price Index.

Your beneficiary will be required to pay the unpaid amount prior to receiving their final Personal Memorial Diamond (s).

Advantages of Scheduling Subscription:

  • Statement of your own Diamond Memorial wish
  • Price guarantee for a valid price when signing the contract
  • Flexible payment capacity: 50% or 100% upfront
  • Security: not accessible through third parties
  • Financial security through the trustee’s secured account
  • Compensation on guaranteed terms through the famous Swiss Trust Office
  • Transparency: information about the guarantee status is available at any time
  • Relief for the family through advance planning

Request more information on Planning. We are pleased to provide full information and answer your questions.

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